not just a blank canvas

not everything you see is a blank canvas or a 'whitewall'. we see things before we push the button. i created this blog to share what i see....

the workshop

what a week….

i was lucky enough to attend the jonas peterson and sean flanigan workshop.

at first i didn’t know what to expect, i mean you try go into these things with a clear mind and no huge expectations to save any disappointment. boy i was wrong, these guys turned it up!! we were all treated like queens and kings, it didn’t matter how much experience you had or how long you have been in the industry jp and sf had all the time in the world for you. plus nothing was out of reach!

what did i learn?

bucket loads! i can tell you now that it had nothing to do with photoshop or how i should process my images to look ‘cool’. these guys have a gift, a gift of sharing information and their experiences and what it takes to be ‘the best’. dan o’day and samm blake were also guests at the workshop, the word ‘cool’ comes to mind when i think of these two. they have taught me so much and have inspired me to create this blog, so that i can share my photos and thoughts of how i see the world. i must say that it’s kind of scary because i’m not the best writer in the world, however, the workshop taught me to push yourself to do things that your scared of.  resistance is your enemy! 

i can highly recommend anything this bunch do in the future.

so my week was amazing, just what i needed to get out of the ‘flow of work’ that i have been stuck in for the past few months.

please follow my blog and stay in touch with what i create with my film cameras (maybe some digital)!


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